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Welcome to the SMBC Bike Safety Information page
Each month we will post new and informative articles that will help you become a better and safer

September 2019 Safety Tips
Riding in the Rain

Click Here for September Safety Tips

October 2019 Safety Tips
Traffic Circles

Click Here for October 2019 Safety Tips

May 2019 Safety Tips
Making Safe Left Turns

Click here for May 2019 Safety Tips

June 2019 Safety Tips
Riding the Trail

Click Here for June 2019 Safety Tips

July 2019 Safety Tips
Safety Summary First Half of 2019

Click here for July 2019 Safety Tips

February 2019 Safety Tips
Driving and Texting Should be Illegal

Click Here for-February Safety Tips

March 2019 Safety Tips

Click Here for March Safety Tips

April 2019 Safety Tips

Click Here for April Safety Tips

November 2018 Safety Tips
Quick Energy and Numbness

Click Here for November Safety Tips
December 2018 Safety Tips
Safety starts with being seen.

Click Here for December Safety Tips

January 2019 Safety Tips
Be Visible in 2019

Click Here for January 2019 Safety Tips

September 2018 Safety Tips
It Goes Both Ways

Click here for September Safety Tips

October 2018 Safety Tips
Cyclefest 2018

Click here for October  Safety Tips


July 2018 Safety Tips

Edging and Florida 3 Foot Rule

Click Here for July Safety Tips

August 2018 Safety Tips

Overlapping Wheels
Anxiety Riding in a Group

Click here For August Safety Tips

May 2018

1. Principles of a Smart Ride
2. Group Ride
3. Hand Signals
4. Dooring

Click here For May Safety Tips

June 2018 Safety Tips

Biking in the Heat

Click here For June Safety Tips

What is a great way to improve your riding skills and confidence?

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This one day course is for adults who would like to improve their skills while riding safely in a group on the road.

Instruction and guidance in the following areas will be provided: bike selection, basic bike maintenance, clothing and accessories, bike handling, traffic skills riding in a group, road hazards and how to avoid accidents.

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