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Homesafety- September 2018

Fun With Bikes
Sarasota-Manatee Bicycle Club Safety

It Goes Both Ways


It is not only cyclists who behave badly on the roads. Motorists behave badly as well.

What is it that motorists do not like about cyclists?

The top answers are most likely to do with a cyclist's  behavior.

  • Cyclists run red lights and stop signs. 
  • Cyclists ride in large groups
  • Cyclists ride 2-3 abreast
  • Cyclists cut into a long line of cars at a red light
  • Cyclists“Take the Lane”
  • Cyclists should not be on the road, the road is for cars

What is it that cyclists don't like about motorists?
Ask a cyclist and most will say:

  • Motorists Honk at us
  • Motorists scream for us to get off the road
  • Timid motorists tailgate us for miles
  • Motorists pull out in front of us 
  • Motorists make right turns in front of us
  • Motorists pass us too closely

When a motorist  is looking at their cellphone while driving,  not sticking to the speed limits,  or rolling through stop signs they are usually  stopped and receive a ticket.

A cyclist almost never gets pulled over and fined for rolling through stop signs, running red lights or listening to music through earbuds, yet these are the rules of the road for cyclists.

Motorists resent cyclists because they believe that cyclists are getting away with breaking the Law, but if motorists don’t follow the laws of the road they get fined.

The principle is that we all get angry when other people break the rules. The laws are made to keep everyone sharing the roads safely.

Streets are  a public asset that everyone has a right to access and use safely.

 Motorists (generally) feel entitled to sole use of the roads, and anyone else on them shouldn’t be


The sport of cycling is getting more popular, however; cyclists  still don’t sit too high on the road-user food chain. If cyclists want more respect ­they need to follow the rules of the road all of the time. The more motorists see cyclists stopping at red lights and stop signs, the more respect they will get.

Cyclists are the ambassadors of their sport, and the further they travel on their bikes, the greater their reach.

What else can cyclists do,to stay safe on the roads. RIDE DEFENSIVELY.

Be alert to everybody and everything around you and anticipate what a motorist or another cyclist is going to do. Be visible, make sure others on the road see you, wave to get their attention. And follow traffic law.

Be nice to the driver who passed you safely and courteously, or waited for you to go through the stop sign on your turn. They most likely will be nice to the next cyclists they see.

Motorists and Cyclists both need to know the rules of the road and follow them to prevent chaos and harm to each other.