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December 2018
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Sarasota-Manatee Bicycle Club Safety

Happy Holiday


Does your spouse need gift ideas for you?
What could be more perfect than a new set of bright lights for your bike.

Why we should have them?  A high quality light can provide more visibility for a cyclist adding to the safety we all need when riding with traffic.    A good set of daytime lights can reduce your chance of an accident by 20%.  If you combine bright colored jerseys with bright flashing lights, you can decrease your accident rate by nearly 40%.

Most cyclists have a red flashing back light for day riding, but a front white light is also very important. The front light is valuable for cars pulling out of side roads, driveways an
d intersections as they are NOT looking for cyclist.

There are many different brands available. Below I have listed some of the most popular ones. I suggest you ask for a set of front and rear lights that are rechargeable.
Safety starts with being seen.

Some lights to consider:

  • Light & Motion Urban 500. Light & Motion.
  • Magicshine MJ906B.
  • Topeak Aero USB Combo USB Light.
  • NiteRider Pro 1800. or Lumina 1100
  • Blackburn 2′Fer.
  • Blaze Laserlight.
  • Cygolite Streak 450 Hotshot SL Bike Light Combo Set.
  • Cygolite Metro 750
  • Knog Pop R
  • Lezyne Zecto





Congratulations Sarasota-Manatee Bicycle Club For Having Another Safe Year.

SMBC did have some minor incidents that we can all learn from.


Summary of SMBC accidents in 2018

Total accidents: 14

Single rider involved 8

Multiple riders involved 6

Group Speed: 

  14-16mph 6

        16-18mph 3

        19-20mph 2

        20-23mph 3



sudden stop: 4

debris in road not called out 4

uneven pavement 2

biker not paying attention 3

bike malfunction 1

End result:

 1 concussion, 1 large laceration with tetanus shot, two hip strains, 1 rib strain, 1 knee strain, and many minor abrasions.

Only one accident required a member to undergo surgery. 

What can we all do to minimize the above causes that occurred this year.

Communicating in the Group!

This cannot be overstressed. Most of the accidents that occurred with SMBC group rides in 2018 could have been avoided simply by communicating.


When there is an obstacle on the road each rider should point to it or call out a warning, as soon as, it comes into view or as soon as the riders in front of you indicate it, allowing those behind to prepare. 

When slowing down or stopping, warn those behind by putting your hand back with your palm flat or calling out your intention to avoid a pile-up behind you.

Each rider is responsible for passing on information from the lead riders to the riders behind, as well as, from the riders in the back up to the riders in the front of the pack.

Stay Alert! Watch everything, the riders in front of you, the riders behind you, the road surface, cars, pedestrians and other bicyclists. Know what is going on around you at all times.

Let’s have a Happy, Healthy New Year.