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Sarasota-Manatee Bicycle Club prides itself in being a safe bicycle club proven with a low number of bike accidents over the years.

However, if SMBC does have a few minor incidents, I  will mention them every 6 months as reminders that we all need to continuously stay alert and safe while riding.

In the first 6 months of 2019, SMBC had 5 reported accidents:


1. The Group was stopped and a rider was unclipping and lost their balance and fell.


2. A rider hit the back wheel of the rider in front of him and went down. The rider who fell, hit his head and sustained road rash on his elbow and hip pain. No further medical care was required after a visit to an urgent care center.


3. A paceline group had a dog run into them from the sidewalk. The owner was not in control of the dog. The dog hit a rider and the rider went down. Rider broke his elbow and fractured his hip and pelvic areas. No surgery was required, but the rider can't bare weight on his one leg for 6-8 weeks.


4. A fast paceline ride, was riding on a road under construction. One rider lost control of their bike moving from the road up a 1 inch raised area and hit the biker in front of them. The front biker went down, broke his leg and required surgery.


5. On a single leader ride , one rider did a quick stop using his front brake only. His bike flipped and he went down. He broke his shoulder, elbow and ankle.

What can we learn from the above incidents.

1. You have probably heard this many times before, but Don't overlap wheels.

2. Watch for all dangers around you and coming at you.

3. If your route has road construction either ride slower in the construction areas or find another route to ride.

4. When you are doing a quick stop, pull both brakes at the same time; Pulling the front brake only will flip you and your bike, pulling your back brake only your wheels will skid to one side. 

If you would like more information on these tips, the club offers a Smart Cycling Bike Safety Class several times a year. Look for the announcements for this class on the Website and sign up. It is a FREE, fun, informative class that will make you a more safety conscious rider.